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    Beeswax Candle Rolling Kit


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    Rolling your own beeswax candles is a fun, rewarding and incredibly easy craft. Each kit contains twelve square sheets of sweet-smelling beeswax in rainbow hues or autumnal colors, plus 6 yards of wicking.

    You'll find everything you need to make 12 straight-sided or 24 tapered candles for yourself or to give as gifts. Made in the USA.

    A great gift idea for ages 5 and up with adult supervision.

    • Candle rolling kit for kids
    • 12 square beeswax sheets and 6 yards of wicking
    • Great activity for kids and families
    • Made in the USA
    • Finished candles make wonderful gifts

    Available Colors

    Beeswax 8" squares

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4.7 (based on 44 customer reviews)

By Jean
FromRhode Island
The entire family loves this!
Comments about Product:
Everyone in my household, from our two-year-old up to Dad the old fart, has enjoyed this kit immensely. We would burn one candle each night at dinner until it was gone and then move on to the next child's creation, which made it very special for each child to have his/her work displayed and enjoyed at family dinners. The kids have given their candles as gifts, we have made small candles for birthday cakes, you name it. Cleanup is easy and they can pretty much do this unsupervised as long as I pre-cut the wicks for them. This is a great kit for those parents among us who admittedly do not love crafting but want to let our children enjoy all the fun and creativity that crafting offers! Also, this kit lasts a long time. I bought the kids their first set just after Christmas and it lasted almost a year (we did not really make candles much over the summer). Highly recommend.
By crafty girl
FromChicago, IL
A lot of fun!
Comments about Product:
My 3 girls, ages 3, 7, and 10, loved using this kit. It was easy enough for my 3 year old to use and interesting enough for my 10 year old. The wax is easy to roll and to cut (to make decorations on the rolled candles). The candles do burn fairly quickly. They loved giving them as gifts and using them in our home.
By Mama of two
FromWoodinville WA
Great Kit
Comments about Product:
This is a great craft kit. My kids love to make something that becomes a useful part of our day. The candles are really cute and burn surprisingly well. I love that they are not scented with carcinogenic scents! The only changes I would make would be to include more wax and have better instructions for creating decorations on the outside of the candles. Love it.
By candlemaking mama
Fromoakland, ca
delightful candle rolling ikt
Comments about Product:
Overall, this is a simple yet lovely kit for a young child to roll up their own beeswax candles. The sheets of beeswax were easy to use for my 8 and 10 year olds and I could not find anything comparable at the craft store where all the candle kits required melting the wax. The colors are beautiful, no toxic scents, and it made for an easy, not too time consuming activity with no real clean up involved. I will buy again. My children were pleased to give the final product as presents.
By Choosy Mom
FromPhiladelphia, PA
Great Crafty Product
Comments about Product:
This is a great craft project and fun way to bond with your child and make gifts for family and friends. Only wish that more wick strings were included. We misplaced the one included and now have to go to a craft store to replace.
By Jenni
FromMyrtle Beach, SC
Great activity for a snowy afternoon!
Comments about Product:
I bought this kit because I thought it would be an easy and relaxing activity to do with my two daughters, age 4 and 7. Boy was I was right! They had so much fun working together and coming up with different designs and best of all we were able to give the finished candles away as gifts at Christmas. Everyone LOVED them!
By Grandma Lauri
FromFalls Church, VA
the class loved making their own candles
Comments about Product:
My granddaughter was assigned to be a colonial candlemaker for a school project. Her display area was crowded with kids wanting to make their own candles. Because she had lots of different colored sheets of beeswax and plenty of wicking material, all the students got to keep their own creations and take them home. A very big hit!
FromThe Great Northwest
Bright and Beautiful Fun
Comments about Product:
This set makes between 12 and 24 candles that burn nicely and are really quick to make up. Even a smaller child could help and it doesn't make any mess, either!The only thing I would change is that the wax could be more scented. I miss that honey smell...
By Caryn
FromKansas City, MO
Great for school party
Comments about Product:
I bought 2 pastel boxes of these for a Valentines party for a class of 19. I cut each sheet in 1/2 and had the kids roll both halves up to make one shorter, fatter candle for their moms. They tied ribbons around them and made gift bags. It was a nice gender neutral craft for Valentine's day. My 8 yr. old son loved it.
By Dakota
FromRochester, NY
Fun, quick and easy project
Comments about Product:
We made these at Christmas time to give as gifts to teachers.
By Mama A.
FromUpper Midwest
Natural Beeswax candle kit is fantastic
Comments about Product:
We loved this candle making kit. My 8-year-old and I made multiple gifts with it and there were still supplies left over to make more. We enjoyed the process of making the candles. The natural beeswax scent was very pleasant and the kit required some imagination but was not too hard to use. Highly recommend.
By tusk
Fromspringville, ut
Comments about Product:
My son loves fire, he's a teenage boy....what more need I say. This has been a great venuue for his interest. He's made everything from birthday cake candles to normal candles.
By Lucy
an annual tradition
Comments about Product:
The kids made beautiful candles for their teachers. Easy to use, smell nice and burn well. A wonderful and creative gift.
By Day. B.
FromCentral Mts., CO
Love this kit!
Comments about Product:
I bought this for my son's 5th b-day. We all enjoyed making the candles. You get to make a lot of candles at a great price. We gave many away as gifts and are still burning some, saving others for the holidays.
By Granny
Don't know yet
Comments about Product:
I have not opened this yet since it was purchased for one of my grandaughters for Christmas. I was VERY dissapointed in the packaging - no picture of what to do or the things that you can make with it - Just the wax. I bought a pretty box and cut out the picture from the catalog to put in with it. At this price I thought it was poor.
By Laura
FromMoravian Falls, NC
Beeswax Candle Rolling Kit
Comments about Product:
This is a great product. We had a lot of fun and it closed out our unit on bees. The candles are not very hard to make and they are a great craft for all ages.
FromFloyd VA
My kids loved it.
Comments about Product:
I used it as a Christmas craft for my 7 & 5 yo. They loved it and asked to do more! They made gifts for teachers and family members and were very proud of their results. Some of the crafts I provide to my kids fall flat, and it's always nice to find one a winner!
By Very satisfied customer
FromBoulder, Colorado
Comments about Product:
My 12 year old daughter is having so much fun making candles of all different sizes! The beeswax sheets are easy to handle and shape, and are great colors too. My daughter has made several candles for our family as well as gifts for other people. They truly look beautiful and burn well(last long and aren't too drippy). I plan to buy more soon!
By Folkmom
FromVashon, WA
A colorful, easy, and fun activity!
Comments about Product:
We've been buying these kits, in various color combinations, for several years. The candles are fun to make with a wide age range of kids and adults. They're beautiful, burn well, and are great to make as gifts for others, as well.
By Brandi
FromBend, OR
We buy these a couple times a year
Comments about Product:
Great fun for my 3 year old and 6 year old. We roll the candles and also use cookie cutters to make shape candles and cut out decorations. This is the third box of these we have purchased, great quality.
By aj
FromThe Great Northwest
Bee-autiful Candles!
Comments about Product:
Lots of colors and plenty of wick to make 24 tapers or votives. They came out nice enough to give as gifts! The included pattern works well and the instructions are simple, but perhaps better instructions for more varieties of candles would be nice for first time crafters. The beeswax sheets came in excellent condition and smell wonderful!
By Grammy
FromMadison, WI
Great fun & easier to use than I feared.
Comments about Product:
This is a fantastic product. It's much easier to roll the wax sheets into candles than I had feared. My 8 year old granddaughter & I had a wonderful time rolling & decorating the candles.
By Tesh
FromWalden, NY
One of a kind
Comments about Product:
The colors are beautiful. The project was easy to use and fun for all ages. You can't find this anywhere else.
By Mimi
FromNew Jersey
Really nice candles!
Comments about Product:
Easy and rewarding craft for a child to make as Holiday gifts for relatives! Doesn't take too long to complete and there is really no mess!
By Shirley
FromFalls Village, CT
Great craft and useful too
Comments about Product:
We created holiday candles we actually used and also gave as presents
By Jackie
FromBrecksville, Ohio
Great product!
Comments about Product:
I brought the kit for my grandchildren - ages 3, 5 and 7. They thoroughly enjoyed rolling the candles, but the best part for the kids was seeing them burn on the dinner table that evening and knowing that they made their own candles.
By Browndog
Great project for my 6 year old
Comments about Product:
My 6 year old wanted to make her own Christmas presents last year, and this seemed like just the thing for grandma and aunts. It's a quality set, with easy instructions. Hopefully they like them. My only issue was I ordered early to have plenty of time to make them, and they went on sale the next week, oh well!
By Mom
FromNashville TN
Great for all ages
Comments about Product:
We use it to make candles for our own use but we also make candles to give as gifts
By vaptek
FromAtlanta, GA
Good tradition & fun for a toddler
Comments about Product:
Last New Year's we had a family over for the new year. They brought their Wii. I got their kids (3 & 6) away from the TV by saying, "Hey, you want to make some candles?!" It got their attention. My 20 month old daughter was interested and also made candles, too. I cut the sheets in half and she made smaller candles. I had to get it started for her, but after that, she was able to make it on her own. Its not a long craft, but very rewarding. We immediately lit one and enjoyed our New Year's candle. I think we'll continue this as a New Year's tradition.
FromNashville, TN
Will definitely buy again
Comments about Product:
This product was enjoyed by my entire family.
By Girl's Mom
FromBerkeley, CA
Great activity for kids of all ages
Comments about Product:
My kids loved candle making at a Christmas party, so I ordered a kit for home. It's a great activity for kids as young as 4 (my youngest), up to adult. The candles are easy to make and turn out beautifully!
By Mary Beth
FromEl Segundo, CA
Fun and Easy
Comments about Product:
Used this as a craft project. Kit isn't difficult to use and does allow some creativity. Participants thought the activity was fun.
By Marine Mom
Loads of fun
Comments about Product:
This was loads of fun to use. The bee's wax needed to be warmed a bit but then the kids (10, 8, 7) could roll the candles themselves. They loved picking their own color combinations and deciding what sized candles to make. We are still pulling the candles out for special occassions.
By Pureg8r
FromMatthews, NC
LOVED this candle kit!!!!
Comments about Product:
This kit is AWESOME! Not only is it a FANTASTIC price, it is easy to do and an enjoyable activity for both parents and kids! The larger sized and medium sized candles are perfect for gifts over the holidays! My 5 year old had no problem rolling the candles and my 2 year old could make the candles with minimal assistance. We used cookie cutter shapes to decorate the candles but the possibilities are endless! My daughter made candles for her teachers, and was so proud she made them herself...and her teachers were floored and touched by such a beautiful, useful, and thoughtful gift. We WILL use this kit again here at home and maybe in my daughter's classroom.
By Two Story Lori
FromMiddleburgh, NY
I would buy this product again!
Comments about Product:
I used this product to make gifts for family and friends -- it is a nice and unique gift.
By Fisher
FromBay Area California
Fun Versatile and Easy!
Comments about Product:
My child and I continue to have fun crafting new shapes and colors of candles, and then watching change, as we use them to light our family dinners.
By katy c
FromPlain City, OH
Great for Making Homemade Gifts
Comments about Product:
My children used the kit to make candles for their teachers. We all had 3 year old was able to do it with only a little assistance (to start the rolling) and my 10 year old really enjoyed the activity as well.
By Urban Mama
FromCambridge, MA
Great Natural Craft Activity
Comments about Product:
Nice assortment of colors and waxes. Rainbow/bright colors are great. More sheets than expected-pleasant surprise. Larger sizes of beeswax sheets than expected, so kids can make nice size candela or small if desired. Fun, not messy and useful project-type activity. Simple, quality natural packaging and ingredients. The wax is nice to work with. Kids like rolling and moulding it.
By shortbutcute
FromPortland, OR
Our favorite craft
Comments about Product:
We get the candle kit for every major holiday. I love it because it's not too messy and can be as difficult or simple as each person wants. We use the candles for holiday decorations and give some away.
By survivor woman
FromAshford, Wa
Bee's Wax Candle Rolling Kit
Comments about Product:
My 7 year old son loves his beeswax candle rolling kit. He was so excited when he got it Easter morning. It is a good way to express his creativity and he has a blast designing different patterns for them. He made several candles and gave me one for Mother's Day. They make excellent gifts, but kind of burn up quickly.
By nmdoula
FromAlbuquerque, NM
Fun for all
Comments about Product:
Me and the children and the group of moms all loved this kit. It was easy made many candles, and was simple fun with a propose. We are still using the candles and every time I pull one out at school the children remember who made it.
By Connie
FromSeattle, WA
Great Craft
Comments about Product:
Rolling and decorating beeswax candles is a fun activity that even smaller kids can enjoy and produce nice results with. The candles make nice kids' gifts for teachers and relatives.
By Amy
FromSan Francisco, CA
Comments about Product:
My 4 year old made candles for xmas gifts this past year and after the initial roll around the wick, she could do the whole roll herself. This made her very proud and she loved having made something to give away.
By Angel
FromAstoria, New York
Great Party Favor! Beeswax Candles!
Comments about Product:
I made the pastel beeswax candles and gave them out as favors for my nephew's engagement celebration for his friends Everyone enjoyed two candles in their favorite color and commented on how beautiful and fragrant they were. Your company is magical and creates joy for those of us who are fortunate to shop. I have a link to your catalog on my homepage which I share with the parents at the school I teach. Thank you.
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