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Connectagons® Creative Building Sets

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$26.98 - $45.00
$26.98 - $45.00
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Do the numbers! This Connectagons Creative Building Set offers limitless opportunity for fun and challenge! Our customers love the skill-building benefits and open-ended creativity Connectagons bring to their kids. They’re great for all ages, so the whole family can participate—they even make spectacular decorative artwork. The original Connectagons set includes 240 wooden circles multiplied by 8 slots each multiplied by 5 bright colors and countless patterns of circles, stripes, dots, and diamonds.

Invented by popular demand, our Geometric Connectagons connect to new dimensions in fun. The set of 240 is revolutionary in Connectagon history, containing solid colors and varying geometric shapes. The options for creative construction are "plane" to see, especially since they're designed to connect with and color-complement Connectagons.

• Connectagons Creative Building set with 240 pieces
• Connectagons Geometry Creative Building Set with 240 pieces
• Wooden pieces with slotted sides that connect
• Can connect with original Connectagons
• Endless creative construction opportunities

Connectagons® Set Save $11.96 when you buy the Original Connectagons® and Connectagons® Geometry together. Only $45

For ages 4 and up.

Discs 1-3/4"

Set includes: -240 wooden circles multiplied by 8 slots each multiplied by 5 bright colors and countless patterns -Offers skill-building benefits and limitless fun and challenge -Encourages imaginative play with open-ended construction possibilities -Fun for all ages

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Connectagons® Collection
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Connectagons® Set
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Connectagons® Geometry
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By Mom of the 3 Greatest Kids Ever
FromFair Oaks, CA
Building Fun
Comments about Product:
My girls 3 and 7 had a great time with this product. Their eyes opened wide and their were squeals of happiness when they dump out all the colorful shapes.

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FromPhiladelphia, PA
Nephew Loved It
Comments about Product:
After we opened the box, I sat down with my nephew to play with the connectagons. After a few minutes he said, "Hey! I really like this!"

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
By DavidsLaugh
Just as fun for adults
Comments about Product:
I bought it for my 3 year old, but I found my 7 year old daughter, my 35 year old sister, and my 39 year old husband enjoying it as much, if not more.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
By Minde, Mom of 4
FromSchoolcraft, MI
Good Buy
Comments about Product:
We've had fun with these. Our kid's ages are 6,4,2,1 and even our 2 yo can do these. If they get stepped on when put together they can break, but there are so many pieces a couple broken are okay. My other "problem" is, with three sets, when they are dumped on the wood floor they take forever to pick up since you cannot pile them together! Otherwise, we've had fun creating together and seeing who can build the tallest tower!

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
By cnealmail
FromSacramento, CA
Great for many ages!
Comments about Product:
This item has been popular with all the cousins and friends, ranging in age from 3 - 9; I am sure it could even be fun with older children. It makes a good independent play activity, and could be useful when siblings are waiting at a sibling's choral or stage rehearsal; also good as a quiet activity backstage, at church, or on a long car ride. I love that the pieces are made out of wood and not plastic, and multiple sets definitely add to the fun!

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
By Grandma MJ
FromWashington, PA
This toy "connects" with kids!
Comments about Product:
This was a gift for my neighbors' son who is seven. He got very excited when he opened it and started playing right away. His sister, who is ten, put down her own gifts to come play with him. The enclosed idea sheet is great but it is not essential because the toy is so easy to play with. The kids and their parents loved the colors. I would definately buy this toy for other kids I know. I would even like to get them for myself.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
By Loralee
FromWilliamsburg, VA
connectagons: more than construction
Comments about Product:
They are durable and can be used in so many ways--my children love to construct with them, but they also barter and play store with them. We learn about counting--adding and subtraction--color matching and organization as well as pattern-making. They are wonderful and my kids will use them from 2 yrs. until (I'm guessing) at least 12 years.

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By Mama Rose
FromColumbus, IN
Beautiful creative product
Comments about Product:
My son and daughter make the most creative and beautiful objects out of these. We have both the basic kit and the butterflies and flowers. The things they make become a work of art you almost don't want to take them apart. They play for hours being creative and roleplaying. A great buy!

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
By Grandma
FromLos Angeles, CA
Connectagons Geometry
Comments about Product:
Great manipulative that encourages creativity.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
By jms
Great gift
Comments about Product:
My nephew usually only likes toys that turn on and make noise. He LOVED these.

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