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Creamy White Wool Felt Unicorn with Golden Horn and Posable Legs
Creamy White Wool Felt Unicorn with Golden Horn and Posable Legs

Creamy White Wool Felt Unicorn with Golden Horn and Posable Legs 473861058

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Sorry, this product is currently not available.

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The most beloved and enchanting of all the mythical creatures, the Unicorn stands as a symbol of purity and virtue and magical inspiration. And little girls love them!

Ours are just the right size for taking our Magic Cabin Fairies or other small dolls on a ride through the fantasy forest - and each has a golden horn and long flowing mane and tail for braiding and combing.

Made of creamy wool felt, with posable legs, wooden hooves, embroidered faces, and gorgeous mohair manes and tails in your choice of three colors. Handcrafted.

For ages 3 and up.

Available Colors

12" tall 


4.0 (based on 4 customer reviews)

By Biking mom Jane
FromChicago suburbs, IL
Nice for expanding play with the fairies
Comments about Product:
This unicorn is beautifully made, very solid and is great for expanding play options if you own the Magic Cabin fairy dolls (we have all four). The scale is very in keeping with the Magic Cabin fairy dolls. This is obviously a hand made item as it looks very unique and has carefully embroidered eyes. I personally find the little wooden hooves to be the most charming thing about the unicorn, but with a mane and tail that are quite long and flowing, I find the girls focused on that. The length and fullness of the mane and tail lend them to braiding, tying with ribbons or being wrapped in flowers. I wouldn't brush either--just to be on the safe side--but my kids have been able to finger comb them enough to be able to do this sort of stuff without any problems. As far as I can tell, it still has all it's original hair! It is poseable within a somewhat limited range (head, neck, legs), but it won't stand on it's own if you bend a leg up. However, my girls like making it look like it's moving or flying and will bend legs while they are holding it up for play. I find my kids will sometimes set the unicorn up in a pose next to the treehouse, other times they will rig him up to fly above the house, while still other times it will be dressed in blankets or ribbons. I will frequently discover it sitting somewhere in the house with a MC fairy perched on it's back and one or two pocket fairies sitting in it's mane or on it's head!

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By Tina
FromKill Devil Hills, NC
Cute but has fault
Comments about Product:
The mane hair came out otherwise a cute product

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By homeschooler of two
FromTucson, AZ
one of my girls favorites
Comments about Product:
Beautiful toy that my children use for creative play. It is durable and imaginative.

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By Val
FromWest Chester, PA
Love it!
Comments about Product:
My daughters each received a unicorn to go with their Magic Cabin Fairies for Christmas 2009. They had asked for them specifically, and were thrilled to get them. They are the same scale as the Fairies, and go with them beautifully. I love their manes and tails. They are very high quality, and stand up on their little wooden hooves by themselves or with a fairy perched on their backs. The only thing that I can say is that the hair from the mane of the turquoise unicorn sheds a bit, and gets on the white wool "hide" of the unicorn. This does not bother my daughter in the least. It has survived being stolen and nibbled on by our puppy, and has some tooth marks on one hoof. It is beautiful, and I can see it being kept and passed down as a very special toy. I love that it is made from natural materials - no nylon or polyester hair to tangle and frizz. It is unique, and my girls love theirs.

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