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    It's the fun of bocce, bowling and horseshoes rolled into one fun outdoor game! The solid wood Rollors Game is a brand-new game that’s great for families or a neighborhood party because different ages can play at the same time. Play it in the backyard, at the beach or campground - anywhere there’s level ground. For 2-4 players or teams; score by whose Rollor is closest to the goal. It's super easy to set up and to learn to play.

    Set includes 2 goals, 3 red rollors, 3 blue rollers and a measuring cord for those really close calls.

    For ages 4 and up.

    Winner of Creative Child magazine’s 2010 seal of excellence.

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    4.9 (based on 9 customer reviews)

    By Bonnie T
    FromNew York
    Great Outdoor Game
    Comments about Product:
    Part bocce ball, part horseshoes, part bowling and all fun, the Rollors game is perfect for both city and country because it's lightweight and comes in its own carrying case. Easy to set up and play at the beach, park or backyard, it provides entertainment for all ages and requires a mixture of skill, strategy and luck.
    By Jeremy
    Rolls of Fun
    Comments about Product:
    So is it fun? Yup, it is. The beauty of this game lies in it's simplicity. There aren't many pieces, and the rules are interesting, but simple. There isn't a ton of thinking required – helpful for easily distracted groups. Also, it's really cool that you can play up to 6 people if you want to. That's really a nice touch when you're entertaining several people. Just getting the discs near the goal is a challenge, but getting yours closer than the other player's disc is even harder. See the full review at [@]
    By Kim V
    Great Father's Day Gift
    Comments about Product:
    I know everyone and their brother has a game of bags and they probably have bocce, Jarts, washers, croquet or horseshoes lying around too. But those games are old, tired and everyone has them. Rollors is new, different and isn't solely based on skill....see the full review here
    By Dave
    Great for Tailgating
    Comments about Product:
    I found it to be quite fun and a break from the tried and true "tossing games" normally found in the tailgating parking lots. One aspect that struck me was the quality craftsmanship of the wooden pieces. All the pieces were solidly built and I could tell that even after repeated play the game pieces and scoring goals were built to last. Full review at
    By Jason
    FromCleveland, Ohio
    5 Star!
    Comments about Product:
    Rollors reminds me of bocce ball except the shape of the disks makes it a little more challenging. The hard wood pieces are crafted very well and I know they'll last for many years to come. The price is just right for the game and I would recommend it to anyone. We're going to bring them down to the beach this spring on our family vacation.
    By Larry
    Love Rollors!
    Comments about Product:
    We LOVED the Rollors game! There were 8 of us (from age 11 to 71; including 1 pre-teen, 3 teenagers, 2 middle-aged adults, and 2 senior adults) who tested it out many times from last Thursday through Saturday. We played it with several combinations of players and teams, and it was a "hoot" for all of us! Truly, it was one of our Thanksgiving highlights.
    By Mari
    FromOKC, OK
    Great Family Game
    Comments about Product:
    We had the Rollors game out of the box and set up within five minutes, and proceeded from a simple game to a full-on tournament! All the members of our family had a great time. What a fun, portable game for all ages! (I should note that my 7-year-old is the current Rollors champion, but we're planning a rematch) We also discovered that Rollors makes a great indoor game on days when we can't get outside to play--the carpeted hall makes a perfect surface!
    By JMar
    FromLittle Rock, AR
    Great for ALL ages!
    Comments about Product:
    Love that this is accessible to most ages. Can be a bit heavy to carry but great carrying and storage case!
    By Major Fun
    FromIndianapolis, IN
    Rollors is Major Fun
    Comments about Product:
    Just when you think nobody could possibly invent a lawn or beach game that is at least as fun as bocce and horseshoes and games of that ilk, but actually, genuinely different, and as inviting to children as it is to adults, that can be played standing or sitting (on, for example, a wheelchair), that allows for genuine competition and yet has a friend-keeping element of luck, and doesn't use rings or balls or bean bags or bolos, but instead, for the first time in lawn-and/or-beach game history, rolling wooden discs… …along comes Matt Butler with his game of Rollors. The game (conveniently packaged in a polyester/nylon zipper bag) is all wood (New Zealand Pine) with the exception of a measuring cord – but even that has a wood pin that fits perfectly into the top of the goal for convenient goal-proximity measuring and just loosely enough for a satisfying pull-out. There are two sets of 3 wooden Rollors. The Rollors are 5 inches wide and about an inch-and-a-quarter wide – wide enough so they can be rolled on their edges, and narrow enough so that sooner or later, they'll probably fall on one of their faces (though you never know). In each set (red or blue), the Rollors are numbered, and there's a different number on each side. One Rollor, for example, has a number 2 on one side, and a number 5 on the other. A second Rollor, for a second example, has a number 1 on one side and a number 6 on the other. And the third Rollor – we'll just leave that to your mathematical ingenuity to figure out. And then there are two, beautifully wooden, pyramid-like goal-things that you set 25 feet away from each other – more or less. The rules are very logical, comfortably brief and easy to learn. The object is to get your Rollor closest to the goal. If it falls over before it reaches the goal, you hope that it will fall so that it's closer to the goal than any of your opponent's Rollors, higher-scoring side face-up. If your Rollor makes it so close to the goal that it ends up actually leaning on the goal (a "leaner"), you hope that the number that is facing out is as high as it possibly can be, because that number gets doubled! And if your Rollor remains on its edge, and is closer to the goal than any of your opponent's Rollors, you score the sum of both sides (which, not actually magically, is the same for all Rollors). A bit like bocce, a bit like horseshoes, but, not like any of them at all. The more you play, the more you can appreciate the intelligence behind the design, and the uniquely gentle, but focused fun it leads to. Rollors are fun to roll – easier on arm and wrist than most rolling/pitching lawn games, more suitable to kids as well as adults, seniors as well as people of limited mobility. If you happen to have a 25-ft long carpeted hallway in your office or personal domain, you can develop remarkable skill and control and stuff. When you find yourself Rollor-ing on beach or lawn, you'll have all the endless nuance of terrain to play with and against. In any of these environments, the game is fun and inviting. The nature of a rolling Rollor is such that it lends itself to some amazingly surprising feats of apparent skill – curving, spinning, potentially stopping without falling over, or falling over on the exact side you predict. As you gain confidence and competence, you will no doubt develop your own variations, specially designed to take advantage of terrain, your personal mastery, and your competitive instincts. Perhaps it would be fun to include a small hill in the Rollors court. Or some obstacles around which one might attempt to slalom. Or to play with three players on a team, all throwing simultaneously, on a golf course or bowling alley or in the dorm or in the woods (where the grass is short enough so you can still find your Rollors) or on a glacier…. Yes, indeed, the signs all point to Major Fun.
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    Rollors Game

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