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    Soft and Springy Warm Wool Stuffing, 1-Pound Batt


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    Wool, the miracle fiber, for all of your stuffing needs, from quilts to dolls; it's soft and springy and, best of all, renewable! Ours is cleaned and carded into 1-pound batts - enough for making two 16" dolls or many smaller projects.

    •The perfect fiber for all of your stuffing needs
    •Great for making quilts and dolls
    •Cleaned and carded into 1-pound batts
    •Enough for 2 16 inch dolls or many small projects
    •Wool is a renewable resource 

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4.1 (based on 18 customer reviews)

By VermontMama
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  • Home Crafter And Mother Of Four
Poor quality product
Comments about Product:
This batting is not very clean or soft. It's coarse and full of debris. I've found much better for similar prices and regret buying this.
By amigurumi mamma
Fromvirginia beach
great product for the price
Comments about Product:
Great value, I used the smell as a pro AND a con because if you're like me, the smell of wool that still has the faint scent of those amazing animals is wonderful, but not everyone would see it that way. The bits of grass stuck in the wool was a little odd, but in a way it adds to it, makes it more "real". All in all I loved it and will purchase it again. Wool is an ideal stuffing for everything, soft, mildew resistant, drys quickly, does not retain odors, repels dust mites. Need I say more? Love sheep too? try reading "sheepish" by Catherine Friend.
By Grammie
FromAugusta, Maine
I would buy this product again!
Comments about Product:
I purchased the wool stuffing to stuff the dolls that I create. This is by far the best stuffing I have ever used. There are no lumps and bumps, and the bodies of the dolls are much sturdier. I will be using this wool stuffing from here-on!
By kat
Fromalbany ny
what you pay for is what you get
Comments about Product:
It was what I paid for. The more expensive wool from other places is slightly cleaner.
By MonaLisa mommy
Not the finest!
Comments about Product:
I purchased this for stuffing dolls but had to use it instead for stuffing balls and other less fine work. It is lumpy, curly, and contains more field matter- grass, burrs- than I would like. It left my dolls' limbs lumpy and untidy looking. I found a different place to buy finer wool stuffing for dolls, but it is OK for stuffing thick felt balls or animals, as it is a bit less expensive than other wool stuffing.
By Herban Homestead Mama
The only place I buy wool stuffing!
Comments about Product:
This is the most affordable wool stuffing I've found. It is good quality and is usually very clean. This past time I ordered it did have a good deal of grass/hay in it, but that is not generally my experience. I recommend getting this wool!
By Creative Mom
FromCovington, WA
Warm and Natural Wool
Comments about Product:
Wool is wonderful to work with and creates a cozy soft doll that will retain the warmth of a childs hug.
By Ashley
FromTenants Harbor, ME
Wonderful Wool
Comments about Product:
This wool is wonderful! Its clean and works great for doll stuffing, it packs firmly and is easy to work with. This is a great product and the best value I have found.
By Dooflinky
Core wool for needle felting
Comments about Product:
I use this as core wool for my needle felted sculptures. While it does take time to clean out the vegetable matter, it makes a very nice, economic fiber for developing a needle felted shape before applying the more expensive colored roving. It felts easily and I can acheive a very firm, solid core with it.
By Disappointed
Comments about Product:
Sadly, the quality of your wool seems to have gone down since I began purchasing the doll kits and supplies from you years ago. It is challenging to get an even, flat rectangle for covering the head of the doll. Also, the wool contained bits of straw and/or grass, etc. that I was frequently trying to pull out. It also used to tear into nice strips for wrapping the head, but is much more challenging now. I LOVE making these dolls and wish that the quality was what it once was.
By sarah
FromKlamath Falls, Oregon
excellent stuffing
Comments about Product:
I used this for stuffing a doll for my son and it was easy to use, clean, combed nicely, nice length of fiber for stuffing (not too long).
Love this wool!
Comments about Product:
Nice clean wool!
By Oklahoma Grammy
FromOklahoma City, OK
Not easy but worth it
Comments about Product:
It's not as easy to use as some of the products I've used in dollmaking -- it IS wool after all! -- but it's the best for long term quality.
By basketjo
Perfect pincushion filling
Comments about Product:
This wool makes the perfect filling for my pincushions. It is a good value for the money, easy to order and arrives quickly. I will continue to order this product again and again.
Beautiful wool
Comments about Product:
Just perfect
By Tina
FromWylie, Tx
Best for childrens toys
Comments about Product:
I love this stuffing for children's toys. I feel confident knowing that it is wool, which means that it will not grow bacteria. It lasts well and holds it shape in homemade dolls. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!!
By Ginger, the mother
FromSan Francisco
Wool Stuffing is great.
Comments about Product:
this is great, soft wool.
By Tirza
FromSeabeck, WA
Comments about Product:
[...] If it had been quality stuffing it would have been ok, but it wasn't sorted and carded ( for non wool speaking people that means the fleece from the sheep was still so dirty it had hay in it, lots of it!) it was unusable for stuffing without having to clean first. I will still get toys etc from Magic Cabin, but not the wool stuffing!
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