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Pulley Set with Wooden Reels and Nylon Ropes
Pulley Set with Wooden Reels and Nylon RopesPulley InsidePulley Closeup

Pulley Set with Wooden Reels and Nylon Ropes

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What goes up must come down. A child-size version of the classic "lifting device," this quality set of wooden reels and nylon ropes can be used for lifting gear into trees, up to the balcony or to the top bunk.

The pulley is equipped with a large hook, tension belt, 19' of rope and two loose and two fixed reels that make it possible for kids to lift an amazing 350 pounds! Basket not included.

For ages 5 and up.


4.0 (based on 9 customer reviews)

By Imagedy
Best Uses
  • Delivering Snacks To Our Second-floor Play Loft
  • Perfect Length To Reach From The First Floor Kitchen To The Loft Window
Fantastic loft snack delivery system!
Comments about Product:
Our recent remodel created a perfect play loft over our daughter's bedroom with a little window that opens out into a great room right next to the bar to the kitchen. We've attached the pulley to the ceiling right next to the window, and added a sturdy wicker-and-wire basket, and use it to haul up snacks and goodies.

The pulley is sturdy and well made. It does require fine motor skill and some puzzle solving skill on the occasional derail, but that's part of what makes it enriching. It's pretty easy to figure out, and if you use it mindfully, it won't get tangled or derailed.

We also added a spring clip to the rope to use as a brake when the basket is at the top getting loaded and unloaded. A boat cleat attached to the wall or window sill could also work. Very happy with the purchase--it makes the play loft even cooler.

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By teachergranny
Fun Playground Addition
Comments about Product:
Bought another one to replace one that was lost/stolen from our preschool. The ropes continually come off the wheels required re-positioning. Children really enjoy lifing items onto the play structure but are unable to reposition the rope without adult help.

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By Lili
Comments about Product:
Shown with a basket which is not included and does not seem to be anywhere on site but would make pulley much more useful.

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By Mickey
Comments about Product:
An added counterweight could prevent the rope from coming off the track on occasion.

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By Sara
Great idea
Comments about Product:
Our & YO daughter loves her pulley which she uses in our tree house - we live in CO where weather can be harsh to wooden toys so we store the pulley indoors when not in use. The long cords make it difficult to store without getting tangled. Having a wall hook each for the pulley itself and the wound cord makes storage easier...

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By BaconBitz
FromBaltimore, MD
Long lasting
Comments about Product:
My now 14 year-old son received this when he was 5 and my 7 year-old daughter began playing with it the first chance she got. They still enjoy it. It is especially good if you have a deck or a staircase overlooking a 2 story foyer. The string hasn't unraveled but does come off the pulley if you let one end go and takes some doing to "rewire" it but well worth the trouble. A knot fixes the problem but I wish it came with a stop for the loose end. I have bought these for many other children and have never been disappointed. It is a perfect toy for open-ended and imaginative play.

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By Busy Mama
This keeps my kids busy for hours!
Comments about Product:
We bought this for our kids' treehouse. Turns out the rope that came with is much too short, but we just put a different rope in. Our kids love hauling stuff up and down to their fort and I love that they aren't carrying toys up while trying to climb up a steep ladder. This is probably best for indoor use (then you won't need to change ropes) and we are pretty careful about bringing it in if we think it's going to rain. Hope this helps!

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By Teacher and parent
FromLong Beach, CA
I am satisfied with my purchase
Comments about Product:
My pre-school students love using this in the sandbox!

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By Grandma Madge
FromSalem, OR
Perfectly combines "education" & "toy"
Comments about Product:
Grandson Max spent an afternoon lifting everything he could move with this, to his great delight. I liked the little squib about historic uses of the pulley, and he loved hearing about its use to hoist heavy knights onto their horses.

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