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    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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    by Lewis Caroll; illustrated by Anna Bond
    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 150th Anniversary edition is a deluxe, oversized hardcover printing of the wildly imaginative classic. Studded with Anna Bond’s full-color illustrations, Alice and her adventures still steal the hearts and imaginations of children (and adults) of all ages. Children are immersed in the tale and enchanting illustrations and can dive deeper into the tale using the glossary, character list, about the author, and activity list at the back of the book. Give this treasured volume as a gift to loved ones or this remarkable tale to your family’s library and celebrate Alice’s very merry un-birthday for years to come.

    Follow Alice, a curious young girl, as she follows a mysterious white rabbit and tumbles down a rabbit hole. She lands in a world where down is up and up is down. As Alice journeys through Wonderland she encounters the most peculiar and fascinating creatures and people. Children and adults, alike, delight in the eccentric personalities and whimsical scenarios as they return again and again to Wonderland.

    For ages 5 and up.

    • Deluxe, oversized edition
    • Illustrations by Anna Bond
    • Engaging supplemental material
    • Treasured keepsake
    • Hardcover

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    Hardcover 8" x 1" x 10"; 192 pages.

    warning Safety

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    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



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