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%26quot;First Milestones%26quot; Frame with 9 Unique Mat Inserts
"First Milestones" Frame with 9 Unique Mat Inserts

"First Milestones" Frame with 9 Unique Mat Inserts

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What has your baby done this week? Now you can display your most cherished photos of your baby's milestones as they happen. An ever-changing way to celebrate and display your baby's first milestones, the First Milestones Frame has nine unique mat inserts that you can change as baby changes. The mat inserts feature a sweet graphic and caption near the photo display that speaks to baby's first bath, smile, meal, friends, haircut, birthday, steps, tooth, or day of school. Modern white frame.

•Display cherished photos of baby's milestones
•Change inserts as your baby grows
•Modern white frame
•Sweet graphics and captions
•10 inches wide x 6 inches high

Available Styles

Photo Display 2-1/2" x 2-1/2"
Frame 10"W x 6"H 
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