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    By uoleefiticacu
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    By Katie R
    FromAda, MI
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    I utimately decided to purchase this product for several reasons, it is wooden, which means it would not be easily destroyed, it was not battery operated, which left room for imagination, and the drawer did not open with only a button, my children have been extremely frustrated with other plastic models in the past when you pushed the drawer button the drawer would jam, or simply not open. All in all this product was what I was looking is so much smaller than it appears. My daughter loves the scanner, pretends she is beeping all of the items.
    By Mother of 7 Blessings
    FromGrafton, WV
    Practical and fun toy for all!
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    All of my children have played with this! It is durable and realistic!
    By Nancy P.
    FromLos Gatos, CA
    Smaller & less functional than expected
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    My 3-year old daughter plays with this toy almost everyday. She likes the calculator and the beeping noise it makes. She also likes the drawer, coins, and credit card. I bought it for her because it is made of wood and not plastic, but I think it could have a better design. I was disappointed because this cash register is much smaller than it appears in the picture. The scanner is very small and doesn't work well (you have to press the button to make a sound but it is too awkward for a child to handle). The register tape system is a bit complicated for a young child to manage and it got used up right away. We thought the calculator printed on to the register tape but it does not. It may be a better toy for an older child.
    By Mom22
    Quality toy
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    My daughter loves this toy and plays with it almost daily. I love that it allows for open and creative play. Great quality! I gave 4 stars vs. 5 because of the cost.
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    Little Grown Up
    Cash Register



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