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Beach Pool Pack 'n' Play





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Perfect for a day at the beach or just a play-filled afternoon at home, this pop-up canopy pool is perfect as a kiddie pool, sandbox, ball pit, and more! The overhead canopy keeps kids protected from the sun while they play the day away. It's super easy to set up and breaks down in a flash–just collapse and stow it in the included carrying bag. Great for travel! Adult supervision required.

• Pop-up canopy sets up and breaks down in a flash!
• Perfect as a kiddie pool, sandbox, ball pit, and more
• Overhead canopy keeps kids protected from the sun
• Stows easily in the included carrying bag
• Great for travel to the beach or just an afternoon in the backyard

For ages 9 months and up.

38" diam.


Treated with flame retardants

Reviewed on: 4/11/2015 2:50:00 PM

I bought this for my toddler son last summer. I was disappointed to discover that this pool was treated with flame retardants, as the manufacturer assumes that it might also be used indoors for a ball pit. This is too bad, as I liked the design concept of a collapsible kiddie pool not made out of nasty vinyl (we had a tiny backyard at the time). It also developed mildew from sitting on our deck (probably somewhat user-responsible, but we all know how easy it is to stay on top of everything with small children). I tried without success to wash it away with soap and water (which, by the way, is a verboten cleaning method according to the label -- presumably due to the flame retardants). I did my best to salvage the money I spent on it by frequently replacing the water, but it was a bit of a catch-22: use fresh, COLD water straight from the spigot, or let the pool water warm up in the sunshine and have more flame retardants dissolve into it. I cringed a bit internally whenever my son drank some pool water. This summer, now that we've moved and have a garage to store things in, I'm going to go with one of those ubiquitous hard plastic turtle pools...