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Click Clack Tree from PlanToys®






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Little ones will love hearing the sounds of this Click Clack Tree from PlanToys. Pound the wooden ball through the hole at the top of the "tree" and watch as it spirals down the trunk, clicking and clacking as it goes. The tree, ball, and mallet are all made of sustainable, eco-friendly PlanWood® (reclaimed rubberwood particles).

• Pound the ball through the hole
• Watch as it spirals down
• Ball clicks and clacks down the track
• Made of sustainable, eco-friendly PlanWood

For ages 12 months and up.

Approx. 10"L x 10"W x 11-1/2"H


this is supposed to be high quality???

Reviewed on: 1/13/2015 9:47:00 PM

Tree does not stay together and once it is apart the pieces do not go back in the same way. It is a great idea but not the quality originally found in plan toys. Also, the 3 trays that the ball rolls down slip off if the tree is moved at all.
Not a good toy for a little one. It is a novelty for someone who is not going to use it but set it up to look at.


Absolutely horrid

Reviewed on: 4/30/2014 8:58:00 AM

I love Magic Cabin, but no toy has ever quite frustrated me the way this ones does. Not only is it very difficult to assemble (the plastic tips are almost impossible to snap into the holes that hold the tree's limbs and roots in place, and I have extremely strong hands) it falls apart at the drop of a hat! The tree limbs constantly come off and it's just to difficult to reassemble the toy. The ramp the ball goes down also easily comes apart, but it doesn't require any muscle to put back together. What's more, the top piece the ball sits on tilts downward and rests so that the ball can't fall through the hole. I wish we had never asked for this for our son's first birthday. He never gets to play with it, because when he picks it up, it falls apart and I don't have the patience to constantly reassemble it.


very disappointing

Reviewed on: 1/18/2014 11:22:00 PM

This toy was annoyingly difficult to assemble as the pieces required quite a bit of force to attach to one another. The piece through which the ball is hammered has a rubber gasket which is not snug enough. The ball can be pushed through with the mere touch of a one year old's finger, no hammer necessary. And there was no satisfying "clack". The ball meandered down slowly and my grandson lost interest quickly.