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Lighted Fairy House



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You can tell when the fairies are home by the way their wands light up their magical wee mansions. And since it's always a comfort to know a fairy's near, these dainty domiciles make special nightlights and bathroom lights for kids (plus a friendly nighttime sight out the window at night). They can be left on all night or operated via a timer to turn on or off at the same time—indoors or out!

• Brightly painted fairy mini mansion makes a magical and cozy nightlight
• Great as a bathroom light
• Fun outdoors in the garden
• Includes a timer
• Can set to turn off and on at the same time

Blue Roof
Green Roof



Lighted Fairy House

Reviewed on: 9/29/2014 12:14:00 PM

Awesome! My five year old granddaughter was thrilled with finding the Magic Cabin Lighted Fairy House in her garden. She has since brought it into her room. At night she dozes off looking at the light thinking that a fairy is there keeping her company. I am so glad that I bought it for her. The smile on her face and her giggles tell it all.