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Inspired by the wonders of nature, each of these hand-molded clay statues has a name and a story, and stands as a totem for Mother Nature. Collect them, give them as gifts to teachers and friends, ornament a room with them; the possibilities abound.

Due to the handmade nature of the OMs, no two will be exactly alike. Choose Nash, Subra, Alya, or Misam—or collect them all! Made in the USA.

Alya is an OM with a green thumb. She grows all the vegetables and herbs for the OM community in her beautiful, lush garden. There isn't a plant, herb, flower or tree in the universe she can't identify and help to grow.

Misam is a graceful, beautiful butterfly. He didn't always have those wings; once, Misam was an ordinary OM. He had big dreams, and he knew that he would go through many changes during his time here on Earth.

Nash is a friend to all, an instant pick-me-up and a symbol of love and gratitude. Nash represents the little things that make life incredible.

Subra is a beautiful OM. She is peaceful, serene and gentle, and she is a warrior for Mother Earth.

• Hand-molded clay statues
• Each has a name and a story
• Represent Mother Nature
• Collection them, give them as gifts, decorate with them
• Made in the USA

For ages 5 and up.

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