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Quackers the Duck





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This old-fashioned pull-along wooden duck is a wonderful, encouraging companion for tots just beginning to toddle. It flaps its rainbow wings, quacks, and waddles cheerfully behind any tiny traveler who pulls its string.

• Quackers pull-along duck toy
• Old-fashioned wooden toy
• Flaps is rainbow wings, quacks, and waddles cheerfully
• An encouraging companion for toddlers

For ages 18 months and up.


Fantastic Toddler Toy!

Reviewed on: 2/25/2015 7:23:00 PM

I purchased this last Easter as a gift and it has become one of my 2 year old niece's favorite toys. She absolutely loves pulling the duck along behind her! It makes a clacking noise and moves its head and wings as it's pulled along, which fascinates both my niece and her almost 4 year old brother. The toy is beautifully made from real wood, with bright, happy paint colors. It's a solid, heavy toy that does not tip over easily. The only con is that the string is too short to pull easily when walking--I'm sure that's meant as a safety precaution--but we just tied another length of string to the one provided and now my niece and nephew can comfortably pull Quackers along while walking through the house. I had initially hesitated at the purchase because the price seemed a little higher than I wanted to pay, but now I know that the price reflects the high quality of the toy and I feel it's worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this toy and I was delighted to see how excited my nephew was when he took the duck to PreK for his show-and-tell item this week. Wonderful purchase!!