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Reindeer Feed Bag Christmas Decoration



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Hang this multi-use burlap Reindeer Feed Bag from a doorknob, mantle, or other spot to add some rustic charm to your holiday decor. Place holly or other greenery in the bag and hang it on your front door for a sweet alternative to a Christmas wreath. It can also be used as a gift bag or stocking. Put some carrots in it for a Christmas Eve snack for Santa's reindeer! The bag features a reindeer and says "Reindeer Feed: Magical Supper for Flying Caribou."

• Multi-use burlap "Reindeer Feed" bag
• Use it as a Christmas decoration
• Use it as a gift bag or stocking
• Keep it for use year after year

12" x 18"


Wonderful Whimsy!

Reviewed on: 9/29/2014 1:13:00 PM

Very realistic feed bag! Our home is on 5 wooded acres and we can't wait to hang this bag on our back door to show the grandchildren that we are indeed taking care of the reindeer! Thanks for a wonderful item.