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Sit-On Dream Pony


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Sit-On Dream Pony




Extra Shipping Charge: $5.00

As handsome a horse as we've ever seen, this stunning steed is sure to carry "her highness" away to a magical place where the fun never ends. The sturdy ride-on horse has a soft snowy white coat, long flowing mane and tail, moveable head, ivy around its neck and legs, and a padded seat. Sorry, gift wrap not available.

For ages 3 and up

• A stunning steed for magical rides
• Long flowing mane and tail
• Pettably soft, snowy white coat
• Holds up to 150 lbs.

32"L x 26"H 


4.9 (based on 9 customer reviews)
  • Excellent Birthday present
    9/15/2015 6:54:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    I gave this pony to my three year old granddaughter and she is in love with him. She feeds him, rides him and puts him to bed every night.The quality is excellent and the price was great.
  • My horse-crazy 8 yr-old daughter LOVED this!
    12/27/2013 2:14:00 PM

    Comments about Product:
    My girl loves to sit on this, comb the hair, put out oats and carrots for it, and she even made a rainbow loom rubber band bridle and reins for it! She also took it to her auntie's house last night so she could play with it there. Great gift, very reasonable price-point, well made, and sturdy.
  • Very cute and great value
    10/11/2013 9:38:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    I bought this for my niece's 2nd birthday. She and my 2 year old son both loved it. It was just their size. Great value and quality.
  • So pretty
    10/18/2012 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This horse is really pretty. go t for 2 yr old xmas present. cant wait to see her find it xmas morning.
  • Beautiful and sturdy
    6/29/2012 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    Gave this to my daughter (3 1/2) for Christmas. It is now July, and this pony has been ridden, dragged around, and mostly laid on its side and sat on. It still looks perfect. The legs are very slightly adjustable, so if she bends one a bit (by lying on it when the horse is sideways), I can easily bend it back so the horse can stand easily. Totally worth the money.
  • My Six year old loves it!
    3/11/2012 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    I wasn't sure if my six year old daughter would be too old for this but it looked so beautiful I just got it for her at Christmas. SHE LOVES IT! I got her a little brush to go with it- she grooms her horse everyday. Puts bows and clips in it's mane and tail- dresses it up in scarves. It is a beautiful toy. Any horse lover would be very happy with it!
  • Our Child's Favorite Christmas Present
    12/26/2011 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    We bought our children (ages 4 and 6) this pony for Christmas and they have not stopped playing with it sense. Either they are "flying" through the skies on her back or they are building her a stable (with the Archiquest blocks from Magic Cabin) and feeding her carrots. One of the best present choices we have made in a long time! Highly recommended!
  • Cute Dream Pony
    3/3/2011 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    I ordered the brown pony for a grandson and ordered the dream pony for a grand-daughter. They are made very well and extremely priced right for he quality.
  • Dream Come True Pony
    12/27/2010 12:00:00 AM

    Comments about Product:
    This was my 4 year old horse-obsessed daughter's big gift at Christmas, and it is a HUGE hit. Sturdy enough for her and a playmate her size or smaller to both sit on it and pretend they are riding away on enchanted adventures. She loves the large size and how soft and cuddly it is. It is beautifully made and light enough for her to carry it around from place to place with no problem, though a smaller child might need assistance.