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Solar Print Kit





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This super fun (and educational) kit is sure to leave an impression! Kids simply collect interesting objects from nature, then place them on top of a sheet of light-sensitive solar print paper. As the sun exposes the paper, kids are left with an amazing print that, with a quick rinse in water, is permanent! This safe and easy-to-use kit is a wonderful way to explore both science and art and comes with full instructions. Includes 12 pieces of solar paper (5" x 7"), two print frame holders, and three blank notecards with envelopes so kids can share their finished projects with friends and family.

• Educational (and fun!) solar print kit
• Place objects on a piece of solar paper and the sun exposes the paper for a cool print
• A wonderful way to explore both science and art
• Comes with 12 pieces of light-sensitive solar print paper
• Also includes two print frame holders, three blank notecards with envelopes, and full instructions

For ages 5 and up.

Solar paper: 5" x 7"

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