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Square Climber Wooden Climbing Cube




There's neither beginning nor end to this climbing cube — it's actually a limitless loop of opportunities to invent, exercise, and explore. Movers and shakers can climb, hang, and crawl on it, then flip it over to pursue new venues.

The climber's constructed of eight sustainable rubberwood cubes connected by hubs and detailed with five wooden activity boards. No one will be bored with three levels to play on! Nontoxic paint; adult assembly required. Holds up to four kids or 175 lbs. at a time.

• 8 sustainable rubberwood cubes connected together
• Detailed with 5 wooden activity boards
• 3 levels to play on
• Holds up to 4 children or 175 lbs. at a time

For ages 3 to 6

40-1/2" sq.

Cautionary StatementWARNING
Not for under 3 yrs.


Terrible Instructions!!!! Can't Assemble!

Reviewed on: 1/3/2014 11:39:00 AM

I can't really rate this product as far as how well my kids like it because I can't even assemble this thing! The instructions are terrible! There are 8 drawings per standard 8.5x11 inch page in black and white and noting the orientations of the wood blocks with the correct drilled holes is near to impossible without some sort of notation like connect A to A and B to B. The only thing you have to go by is the black and white very finely printed directions and I've completed 7 or so but at step 8 I have to assemble one completed section to another and the orientation of the holes are not mating up after following their terrible directions. Now I have to start all over. I'm not even convinced it will go together. I've left a message on the builders website to clarify and improve the instructions until this is done I would not recommend this product unless you like wasting your time and maybe not even getting a climber that will assemble correctly.


Awesome! Sturdy, kids love it!

Reviewed on: 1/29/2013 9:46:00 AM

I bought this for my very, very active 2 year old son, and my 4 year old daughter. They both love it!
They've been climbing on it every day for a month now, and they both have gotten so good at climbing, pulling themselves up, balancing, hanging, etc.
It is VERY STURDY - made of beautiful wood and is not an eyesore to have in your house. We actually have it in our largest living room, right in the middle.
The only other toy in the house that competes as a favorite is the (unfortunately plastic) Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster.
I was so happy to find this in wood, and so much happier to put it together and see how nice it is and how much my kids love it!
It seems like a lot of money, but when your kids can climb and play inside on snowy, rainy, cold days, it is money well spent!