Bunnies & Eggs Ornament Set from SunnySue®, set of 12



An egg tree makes a delightful focal point for your holiday table, and even more so when it showcases your child's artistic talent. Each ornament in our Bunny & Eggs Ornament Set (six bunnies and six eggs) is a blank canvas for their creativity, all ready to be painted and decorated, then proudly hung from your Easter tree. They look particularly fine hanging from our Ornament Tree. Our premium-quality Spring Paints comes in a set of two, each with eight paint pots and a mixing tray.

• Set of 12 wooden ornaments
• Kids can decorate them any way they wish!
• Includes six bunnies and six eggs
• A wonderful way to showcase kid's artistic talent
• Use our Spring Paints to decorate the ornaments

For ages 4 and up.

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Bunnies & Eggs Ornaments, set of 12
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Spring Paints, set of 2
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