Jungle Jumparound



Jumping is joy with this super-huge, super-bouncy inner tube/jungle gym toy. We tried it! We loved it! We soared! And kids can, too. It's like having springs on your feet—with a trusty handhold to keep you grounded. Use it indoors or out; the steel poles are powder-coated to resist weather and rust. The inner tube is also weather resistant. Jumparound (tube: 56"W; gym: 77"H) supports up to six kids ages 5 and up (or 600 lbs. total weight). Mini Jumparound (tube: 38"W; gym: 48"H) supports up to three kids ages 3 and up (or 300 lbs. total weight). Sorry, gift wrap not available.

Jungle Jumparound is for ages 5 and up with adult supervision.
Mini Jumparound is for ages 3 and up with adult supervision.

• Jungle Jump-Around
• Part jungle gym, part trampoline, and all fun
• Bouncy tire tube bottom and powder-coated steel poles
• Fun for up to six kids (or a total weight of 600 lbs.)
• Ideal for backyards, large playrooms, or older children

Jumparound: tube: 56"W; gym: 77"H
Mini Jumparound: tube: 38"W; gym: 48"H

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Reviewed on: 9/8/2014 1:29:00 PM

Absolutely the BEST toy EVER! We have 17 grandchildren and they have a blast on our JumpaRoo. They beg to come to grandma’s house so they can jump on it. We bought both the small one and the big one. They make up fun games and races. This is so much better than a swing set or a tampoline for the kids. I love that in the winter we have them in the playroom and then we move them outside in the summer. Our playroom is only 7.5 ft tall and it fits just fine. Our oldest grandchild is 10 years old and can still jump as high as she wants. When we have it outside the adults love to play on it too. Hands down! Best Toy out there!!! Worth every dime! Sturdy and well built to last a lifetime! Our grandkids love the rope seat attatchment, glad we bought that! – Karen DeVincent



Reviewed on: 9/8/2014 1:24:00 PM

The kids ABSOLUTELY love playing on it! Parker’s teacher said it is the most requested toy and she even uses it as a reward to motivate for positive behavior from the kids while they are trying to meet their academic and social goals. It is such a useful tool in aiding the kids with physical coordination because even the most physically challenged child in the program finds enjoyment while engaging with the Jumparoo. You have given a gift that is truly loved on a daily basis and our cups runneth over with gratitude.

Jungle Jump-Around


Mini Jungle Jump-Around