Lamb Towel Doll



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The Kathe Kruse® Lamb Towel Doll is designed to comfort little ones at night and naptime. This soft "lovey" is an endearing rendition of an old-fashioned European tradition. The doll's organic cotton body absorbs familiar scents, while the textured loops provide tactile amusement. Handmade by Kathe Kruse® of Germany. For ages newborn and up. 


great first "lovey" for baby.....

Reviewed on: 7/3/2014 2:21:00 PM

I love Kathe Kruse dolls...this is for my newborn granddaughter. Obviously she's a bit young but will snuggle this in no time as her brother did (he has the puppy version).


for my baby

Reviewed on: 10/3/2013 10:34:00 PM

I received one of these as a gift and just ordered a second for my baby. I wanted to have one in the crib and one to wash. The item is small enough that I don't worry about her getting it over her face (she's 7 months) and not being able to get it off by herself. She loves to hold it and feel the different textures. Unfortunately, she also loves to suck on it, and it gets quite wet. Another good reason to have two. Overall, I like this item. I like that it's a small lovey and won't be dragged around like a blanket would.