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Bath Baby Alina from Kathe Kruse®





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Our playful Bath Baby was created to be the perfect everyday companion. Alina comes holding a small seahorse toy and wearing a matching printed sundress and bonnet. Her carefully detailed vinyl skin makes her ideal for beach, pool, or bath fun. An heirloom classic made by Kathe Kruse® of Germany.

• Bath Baby from Kathe Kruse
• Comes with a small seahorse toy
• Wears a printed sundress and bonnet
• Great for the beach, pool, or bathtub
• Made in Germany

For ages 18 months and up.

12" tall


The perfect doll for my daughter

Reviewed on: 1/13/2014 1:10:00 AM

Just as always Kathe Kruse shines above the rest. This doll, which my daughter named "Ruth", is a perfect size for toddlers. She is easily held and swaddled by little hands. The legs, arms and head are attached with elasticized cords so she can be easily drained from bath water. Where other dolls hide water in crevices this doll has tiny holes to drain it out. It really works. The way the legs move even my 2 year old can get her underpinnings on and off easily. The hand painted features are lovely as expected in high quality dolls. If I had to choose a con it would be difficult but I would say it would have been nice if she would have come with more clothes. Even a robe change. Expensive for just a sun dress, underpinnings hat and toy seahorse.