Giant Red Burlap Gift Sack






Gift Wrap for $4.95

These giant gift sacks make festive alternatives to wasteful wrapping paper or expensive gift bags and can be used year after year. Great for holding multiple gifts or items that are hard to wrap. Each is made of red burlap and features ribbon drawstring closure, an extra cotton-lined pouch in front, and a holiday-themed embellishment.

• Giant red burlap gift sack
• Great for multiple gifts or items that are hard to wrap
• Ribbon drawstring closure and cotton-lined front pouch
• Each is embroidered with holiday design
• Eliminate wasteful disposable wrapping paper

Available Styles

32"L x 23"W


Great for large gifts

Reviewed on: 2/5/2014 4:06:00 PM

I really like these bags. They are well made and have stood up to a lot of hard use, eg, carrying packages with sharp corners, heavy gifts, and have continued to be in very good condition. Underneath the appliqué is a large pocket into which one can put a card, a stuffed animal, or other toys or gifts. It is great that they are so large, as they can hold very large gifts or many gifts, but they are a little unwieldy when filled with many different gifts. An easily solvable problem, however, ie, don't fill them quite as full as we did at first. This was a very good purchase and very good value, even more so when on sale. Would recommend these without reservation.