Texo™ Building Sets



Texo is an award-winning three-dimensional construction system designed by architect Lester Walker. The beauty of Texo is that children of different ages, interests, and skill levels can all play with and enjoy this building set. Younger children can practice shape sorting and color matching. As they get older, they can stack the pieces and assemble simple puzzles. Later, they can learn to create advanced architectural models like bridges, houses, skyscrapers, and much more.

The Texo Building Set is made up of solid wood rods and planks and geometrically precise molded plastic connectors. Each set includes an activity guide and step-by-step instructions. Choose the set of 100 pieces or the set of 65 pieces—or bring them both home for even more design and construction options.

• Three-dimensional construction system
• Children of different ages, interests, and skill levels can all play
• Build models of bridges, skyscrapers, and more
• Solid wood rods and planks and molded plastic connectors
• Comes with activity guide and step-by-step instructions

For ages 3 and up.

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Texo™ Building Set, 100 pieces


Texo™ Building Set, 65 pieces