Rubens Barn® Baby Dolls Collection





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We are honored to introduce a wondrous line of dolls designed in Sweden by Rubens Barn®. Chubby and cuddly as real wee ones, Rubens Barn baby dolls feature soft-sculpted, anatomically correct bodies that have weighted, padded bottoms to feel just like a baby when held. And like babies, their signature, sparkly embroidered eyes have an amazing way of holding your gaze. They can suck their thumbs or a bottle and even stick out their tongue! These anatomically correct baby dolls are perfect for older siblings expecting a new baby of the opposite gender arriving in the family. Each has a name (choose Erik, Emma, Max, Molly, Nils, or Nora) and comes with a shirt, diaper, and bib! An armful of sheer happiness.

Handmade Rubens Barn dolls are machine washable, and their removable clothes can be hand washed.

Add our baby doll accessories to double the fun:

Doll Carrier (866161)
Feeding Set (866163)
Bottle and Pacifier Set (865853)
Changing Set (866162)
Basket and Blanket Set (865852)
Baby Pajamas (866164)
Boy and Girl Outfit (866165)

For ages 3 and up

• Handmade, anatomically correct baby dolls for kids
• Weighted bottoms
• Designed in Sweden
• Comes with a shirt, diaper, and bib
• Sparkly eyes, downy hair, and pixie faces

Available Styles

17-1/2" tall

Since 1995, Rubens Barn® ("Barn" means "children" in Swedish) has been creating beautiful dolls with a level of charisma, innocence, and heart, unlike any dolls on the market today. Designed in Sweden, each lovable soft-sculpted doll has a unique personality. All have the signature sparkly embroidered eyes, sweet pixie face, and weighted bottoms that make them feel much like a real baby when held. Their bodies are made from the softest fleece so that every hug is warm and comforting.



Reviewed on: 2/9/2014 10:34:00 AM



The Best Doll Ever!

Reviewed on: 10/10/2013 9:25:00 AM

This really is the best doll ever! My five year old daughter is absolutely in love with Eric. She does not want to be separated from him even for a minute, so now we have to get the doll carrier to make sure she doesn't drop him or lose him when she goes outside. The doll is very sweet, real baby size, but not heavy, the quality is wonderful, and the details are amazing. I wish we hadn't spent so much money on other dolls before finding this one.


We Love Molly!

Reviewed on: 5/25/2013 7:11:00 PM

What We Love About The Rubens Barn Molly Doll: # It is a handmade, high quality doll # It is soft and cuddly # It is machine washable # The clothing is easy to take off and put on # It looks just like our baby girl # She is very tall at 17 1/2 inches # The Rubens Barn Baby Doll is recommended for all agesWe received the Rubens Barn Molly Doll for review for our family blog, and oh boy did we love it. It is almost as tall as our baby girl, and we've already had it in the washing machine with no problems. We washed it on the handwash cycle, and it came out good as new after a little spit up incident.


Wondrous Doll, Indeed

Reviewed on: 1/29/2013 1:33:00 PM

"Molly" is my 2 1/2-year-old daughter's new best friend. She's never attached to a blanket or anything so I had high hopes for this doll, and she loves it! Molly is a beautifully crafted doll - I love her soft hair, and she's the perfect size and weight for a toddler to hold. As a reviewer said below, yes the dolls are "born in Sweden" but "made in China," but just because they're made in China doesn't mean their using bad labor practices. I researched it on the Rubens's Barn website and found this page that shows how the dolls are made: http://www.rubensbarn.com/en/about-us/production/Overall very happy with this purchase and hope my daughter loves it for years to come!


Cute baby

Reviewed on: 1/9/2013 7:05:00 PM

I will disclose that we returned this doll before our daughter ever laid eyes on it, so take my review for what it's worth: an adult's opinion of a child's doll. We bought our 2.5 year-old the Erik doll, thinking he resembled her older brother, who is strawberry blond with big blue eyes, but Erik turned out to be more blond than strawberry. No big deal. The doll felt good to hold (solid and sturdy but soft). The doll appeared to be well-made, but I can't vouch for its longevity. I was pleasantly surprised to find little boy bits under his diaper - I mean, why not? I think it makes sense to not make the human body something to deny or be ashamed of. So, with all this good stuff, you're probably wondering why I returned it. First, my husband found him creepy. I thought he was endearing, but I could see his point. Second, the seam down the front of the face is weird. Third, he's heavy and a bit of a bulk for a wee one to carry about. And finally, and I hate to admit this, I don't like that he's made in China. I know it's ridiculous, but "designed in Sweden" makes it worse. I don't like when companies act under some pretense that their products are superior just because they were designed elsewhere - aren't most products designed elsewhere, and then the cheap labor is taken advantage of? It almost makes me feel like they are trying to pull a fast one by saying "designed in USA/Sweden/Australia. Give it up! We ended up buying a much cheaper cuddle doll made with fair labor in India. I'm not judging all made in China merchandise as being inferior or intrinsically bad, but in this case, it irked me.