Soft Cotton Knit Swaddling "Miracle" Blanket



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Help your baby sleep longer with this must-have blanket. It helps you get the perfect swaddle every time - even in the middle of the night! No more fussiness or face scratching, plus the Miracle Blanket makes feeding time easier. The blanket is made of super soft 100% cotton knit that's breathable and stretchy so baby stays comfortable in warm and cool spaces. Use it again and again! The Miracle Blanket stands up to regular use and washing. Just wash it on the cold cycle and dry it on the delicate cycle. One size fits most up to 4 months.

•Get the perfect swaddle every time!
•Helps your baby sleep longer
•No more fussiness or face scratching
•Machine wash and dry
•Fits most babies up to 4 months

One size fits most up to 4 months. 

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