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    3.8 (based on 4 customer reviews)

    By MLH
    FromNorthern Michigan
    Fun project!
    Comments about Product:
    This was such a fun kit and the doll turned out adorable! I'm am so hooked on doll making now! I am an experienced sewer and this is my second doll - my first being one of the "regular" magic cabin dolls. I found both kits to be very fun to make and the directions were easy to follow. I must say though, that I found this kit to make a cuter doll and the belly button and "cheeks" effect were such precious touches to it. I didn't know how to crochet, so I came up with my own way to make the hair that looked just as good - I really should learn how to crochet someday... Thanks for the cute kit!
    By Elizabeth
    FromHouston, TX
    Lovely Dollmaking Kit
    Comments about Product:
    I used this kit to make a doll for my daughter. I am very pleased with the step-by-step instructions and by the quality of the end product. I highly recommend this. I am an experienced sewer, but not an experienced doll maker.
    By Beginner Doll Maker
    FromAustin, TX
    Odd shapes
    Comments about Product:
    I purchased this kit so that I could learn how to make "button jointed" dolls per the description, "Sweet Cheeks is a "button-jointed" doll, which is a style of doll with separate limbs buttoned together". This is not at all what is in this kit and I was very disappointed upon reading the directions. This should be clearer on the description as no buttons or any instructions about button jointing is provided. Also, this pattern makes a VERY odd shaped doll. The arms and legs are really large and the body is very short. I turned mine into a mermaid and changed her arms because I couldn't stand the look of her limbs. The wool provided was not all that great of quality as it had grass in it still, however the price of the kit reflects this IMO.
    By Leta
    Timely project but well worth it
    Comments about Product:
    My daughters baby doll and best friend. The things that were great were that I made it for here and it came out really nice. It was easy to make once reviewing the directions several times. The things that weren't so great were that it took a lot longer to finish then stated in the instructions. The directions could have been a little clearer with more diagrams
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    Doll Making
    Sweet Cheeks Baby Doll Pattern



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