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What is a seed, anyway?

From a kids-eye view, transformations that happen in the garden amount to magic. Can you remember yourself back then? Bucket and spoon in hand ready to dig in the dirt and squelch mud through your fingers?
Last summer's lost toys!

Maybe a parent or grandparent offered up bulbs and seeds and explained that sticking these dry, hard things in the dirt would turn them into vegetables. Seriously?

Kids pick up skills through gardening without even trying–close observation, curiosity, fortitude, and a great sense of fun! These are skills that translate later into building expertise in careers across the spectrum: scientists research, artists translate, teachers explain, actors mimic, doctors observe, activists protect, athletes pursue. Everything meaningful starts by looking at our world with curiosity, and a garden is a good place to start.

We decided to interview a couple of our young friends to find out just what they know about growing things. What is a seed, anyway? Enjoy the kids' stories–we think you'll get a kick out of their thoughts–and then let us help you help your children discover what's really going on outside, in the garden, under the dirt, among the trees and flowers, and in the atmosphere.

(Carrot Man says...) Get your seeds out of the factory and into the ground!

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Sat Sep 19 11:40:32 EDT 2020