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7- 8 School Age- 286 products

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Exclusive   150-Foot Blue Zipline Kit
Exclusive   SkyCurve Platform Tree Swing with Comfy Mat and Padded Steel Frame
Exclusive   Sky Tent® Swing
Exclusive Sky Tent® Swing Special
Exclusive Bunny Nesting Set
Bunny Nesting Set
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Exclusive   Ultimate Dual Waterslide
Exclusive   Crafty Creations™ Easter Table Kit
Crafty Creations™ Easter Table Kit
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Plush Posable Chick
Plush Posable Chick
Limited Stock
Exclusive Woodland Croquet Set
Exclusive   Air Rider Swing
limited Time
Exclusive   Rainbow Flag Swing
Rainbow Flag Swing
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Exclusive   80 ft. Kids' Zipline Kit
Exclusive   Amazing Featz Stiltz™
Exclusive   Colorful Butterfly Wings
Colorful Butterfly Wings
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  AquaPod® Lagoon
Exclusive   Quad-Seat Teeter Totter
Quad-Seat Teeter Totter
Limited Stock
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Children between the ages of six and eight are experiencing middle childhood. They are beginning to experience real independence within the family, and generally have a lot of contact with the larger world outside of family. Children in middle childhood are learning to be confident in social settings, and are also concerned with the happiness and wellbeing of others. Magic Cabin is proud to offer a multitude of games and toys for children in middle childhood. Roleplay continues to be an important way for children to make sense of the larger world, therefore they love dolls and plush animals, and role play scenarios like pretend grocery stores and scaled versions of real tools. Woodshop, lathes, and beginner sewing machines are developmentally appropriate for children of this age, who enjoy their parents' guidance and participation. Children ages seven and eight love to take care of others, and will create elaborate pretend play settings in which dolls and animals take center stage. This is also an age when children can read longer stories and read to themselves. Balancing a child's quiet time focused on books, schoolwork, and computers with active physical play is very important for healthy mind and body. Magic Cabin® is ready for children in middle childhood with tumbling mats, climbing domes, challenging zip lines, pogo sticks, skateboards, rope ladders, obstacle courses, and much more! Children aged seven and eight are adept at designing their own physical challenges, and bringing other children into the games. Classic playground games like hopscotch and 4-square are great fun, and teach children how to be team players on the playground, among family, and in the larger world, as well. Children in middle childhood are enthusiastic communicators. Enjoy!
Fri Jul 03 14:45:57 EDT 2020