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  • Includes travel journal book, playmat, wooden, puzzle, and story cards
  • Explores Chinese culture
  • Kids create their own adventures
  • Encourages imaginative play and cultural awareness
  • Includes Chinese characters to boost language skills

The World Village Playset transports little dreamers across the globe to visit China! This set of toys immerses children in Chinese culture and encourages imaginative play. Each piece of the playset explains different Chinese characters to encourage and develop language skills. The travel journal takes little ones on a tour of Chinese culture, and the story cards help them make their own exotic adventure. This playset is sure to open children's eyes to the wide world around them and will spark a delight in culture! The playset includes a travel journal story, a playmat that displays the rich Chinese countryside, a wooden puzzle, and story cards that allow children to make up their own Chinese adventure.

The World Village Playset Companion Pack, sold separately, adds an extra dose of fun and creativity to a little one's multicultural experience—and it happens right at home! Each piece is made of sturdy wood, easy for grasping with little hands, and folds out to stand up. Little travelers can create a whole Chinese town—the options for play are endless! Pair this with our World Village Playset to explore unique cultural landscape and let your child's curiosity about their world bloom. Set includes a kite and candy shop, a boat, and a canal house.

Play sets for ages 4 and up.

World Village Play Set

World Village Play Set Companion Pack
• Includes Kite and Candy Shop, Boat, and Canal House
• Pieces made from sturdy wood for easy grasping
• Set folds for easy storage
• Fosters multicultural awareness in children

World Village Play Set
Playmat: 32" x 44"
Book: 32 pages, 5½" x 8½"
Puzzle: 13" figures, 9" x 12" board
Story Cards: 14 cards, 2" x 3½"

World Village Play Set Companion Pack
Canal House: 16½"L x 10¼"W x ¼"D
Kite and Candy Shop: 15¾"L x 11"W x ¼"D
Boat: 10½"L x 4½"W


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