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  • Just add sticks!
  • Create cool constructions of sticks using these stretchy connectors
  • Twist and stretch to invent forts, toys, animal habitats, geometric shapes and more
  • 100% silicone; fully recyclable

Discover a spectacular new way to play with a time-honored and renewable kids’ favorite resource: the stick. Stick-lets’ set of 12 flexible, colorful, and safe silicone connectors includes six different shapes in six different colors (2-Birch Bark White, 2-Grasshopper Green, 2-Huckleberry Blue, 2-Starfish Red, 2-Pardon My Purple, and 2-Monarch Orange) that can be twisted, stretched, and otherwise manipulated to accommodate almost any kind of construction—forts, toys, animal habitats, geometric shapes, and much more—depending on the size of the sticks. Set of 12 comes also comes with a storage bag and informational pamphlet.

Kids can build a mega fort with the Stick-lets Set of 18 silicone connectors! Like the Set of 12, connectors come in six shapes and six colors (3 sets per color and shape): 3-Birch Bark White, 3-Grasshopper Green, 3-Huckleberry Blue, 3-Starfish Red, 3-Pardon My Purple, and 3-Monarch Orange. Great for 1–2 builders. Includes an informational pamphlet.

For ages 6 and up.

Stick-lets Set of 12
Stick-lets Set of 18

Pieces vary in size: approximately 3" each


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