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  • Plush Pepper Hen
  • Hen has thick feathery coat peppered in shades of black and gray
  • Fuzzy Chicks
  • Chicks sold separately (specify Black, Brown, or Yellow)
  • Illustrated papier mâché Easter egg is made in Germany
  • Egg splits into 2 sturdy halves ready to be filled; use year after year
  • Perfect for an Easter egg hunt
  • Ecological paper eco grass can be recycled and reused

Feathery soft Pepper Hen (8½"L) loves to tend to her Fuzzy Chick (4"L), suggesting the promise of spring to come! Illustrated papier-mâché Big Easter Egg (13½"H) is all ready to be filled and hidden! Paper eco grass is the perfect sustainable nest to cradle Easter goodies. For ages 3 and up.

For ages 3 and up

Hen is 8"H; Chicks are 4"H; papier mâché Easter egg is 13½"L


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