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  • Strong, sturdy marble run sets made of bamboo and other sustainable materials
  • Encourages fine motor skills, early engineering skills, critical thinking, creativity, and building skills
  • Each set features hand-crafted carbonized tracks, bamboo cylinders, sustainable wood powder spirals
  • Includes instruction book
  • Choose either the 78, 119, 127, or 168 piece set
  • The 78 and 119 piece sets come with 1 spiral
  • The 127 piece set comes with 1 spiral plus 4 tracks featuring built-in chimes for making music with your marbles
  • The 168 piece set comes with 2 spirals and many more tracks
  • All sets come with 30 marbles and an instruction book
  • Special includes all three sets, as well as tips and tricks, and instruction booklet
  • All sets are interchangeable and combinable

Engineering rocks! Choose the creative marble run construction set that works for you. The 78-piece marble run set includes basic towers, tracks, and one spiraling vortex; 127-piece set features the addition of musical chimes; 168-piece set offers infinite direction and design possibilities. The Bamboo Marble Run Special includes all three sets, which will keep your junior engineers excited and busy for a long time to come. You may decide to dedicate a special room to the unending marble run projects ahead!

Each earth-friendly set features hand-crafted, carbonized tracks, colorful bamboo cylinders, and sustainable wood powder spirals that deliver multi-functional fun with an infinite number of possible designs. You can even combine all four of them to create the ultimate, bamboo marble-run metropolis! Includes instruction book with basic building concepts plus exciting tips and tricks to keep your marbles on a roll.

Limitless building fun plus early engineering, three-dimensional thinking, creativity, and problem solving skill building all rolled into one.

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For ages 4 and up.

Special Savings

Bamboo Marble Run Special! Save $15.96 Includes 78-piece, 127-piece, and 168-piece sets. Only $268

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