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Elephant Tire Swing


The Elephant Tire Swing provides classic childhood play with a whimsical, eco-friendly twist! Made from a recycled tire, this sculptural swing is reimagined as a magical mount for kids to ride on and swing into the sunset. This durable swing features rust-resistant hardware, decay-resistant nylon rope, and a PVC stabilizer bar. It comes fully assembled—just hang and kids can get on with the fun; adult installation required. Maximum weight 170 lbs.

Hang the Elephant Tire swing with ease using our Heavy-Duty Easy Tree Hanger. Just loop our super-strong polyurethane Heavy-Duty Tree Hanger around a sturdy branch (must be at least 12" in diameter), attach your swing's ropes to the heavy-duty carabiner clip, and you're done! Approx. 50"L. Holds up to 250 lbs; requires adult installation (must hang no higher than 18" from the ground). So easy-to-use you'll think it's magic!

For ages 3–11.

  • Whimsical tire swing
  • Sweet design
  • Durable
  • Fully assembled

Swing: 25"; max. weight 170 lbs.
Hanger: 50"; max. weight 250 lbs.

Special Savings

Buy 2 or more Heavy-Duty Tree Hangers at $9.98 each.

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