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Brainy Bird Wings - Blue Jay favorite
732264BJ |Exclusive




Buy 2+ for $14.98 each
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  • Translucent polyester bird wings
  • Styles are inspired by the smartest birds on earth
  • Each style is tagged with fun facts!
  • Perfect for every dress up wardrobe
  • Beautifully printed plumage
  • Comfortable elastic shoulder and finger loops
  • Hand wash and lay flat to dry
  • Imported

Capable of using tools, playing games, recognizing themselves in a mirror, and mimicking human speech, birds are among the smartest animals on Earth. And now, with our translucent fabric bird wings, kids can aspire to soar like the smartest of our feathered friends! Elastic shoulder and finger loops are comfortable and easy to take on and off, while the exquisitely detailed printed plumage comes to life as kids fly their way through playtime. Imported. 100% polyester; hand wash and lay flat to dry. Each pair includes fun facts!

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Ages 3 and up.

Size: Wingspan: Approx. 47"

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